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Faculty Notes & Follow Up

TAA Faculty Follow-up Lesson Plans

Daniel A. Kelin II

2016 TAA Elementary Theatre Instructor
TAA Handouts, Lesson Plans and Resource Materials

Kimberly Van Weelden

2015 TAA Music Instructor
TAA Lessons, Activities and Resource Materials
(Password is: kvanweelden)

David Frego
2011 TAA Music Instructor

Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Pamela Kay Stephens
2011 TAA Visual Art Instructor

Point of View Lesson

Abstract Weaving Lesson

Birdhouse Lesson

Community Collage Lesson

Country Scene Lesson

Thaumatrope Lesson

Gary Snidecor
2011 TAA Visual Art Instructor

Lines, Lines, Lines

Wrapped Object Sequence

Animal Eyes