Arts Leadership & Admin.

The goal of the Arts Leadership and Administration track (ALAA) is to inspire and empower participants to support and advance arts education. The ALAA track is designed to connect teachers, school and district leaders, program directors, and others who are interested in active arts education leadership.

Daily Core Classes

Instructors: Dru Davison and Amanda Galbraith

Participants will engage in practical and thought-provoking sessions that connect contemporary arts research and trends to targeted arts initiatives at multiple levels within schools, districts, and beyond. Content will be explored through field experiences that include visits to content sessions throughout the Academy to observe from the perspective of an arts leader. Numerous interactive discussions and webinars with state and national leaders are also part of the innovative curriculum. 

Seminars and Webinars

All participants will engage in special seminars and interactive webinars throughout the week.

Creating and Sustaining Purposeful Networks

Seminar Instructor: Tiffany Kerns

In this session, participants will be challenged to think about the best ways to leverage their existing and potential professional networks to bring about positive results for arts education. Participants will engage in thoughtful and strategic organizational planning discussions. The presenter will give an overview of the work she does with the Country Music Association (CMA), as well as the current work that CMA is doing to impact music and arts education around the country.

Finding Your Advocacy Voice: Policy Literacy to Advance Arts Education

Seminar Instructor: Jeff M. Poulin

In this session, master facilitator Jeff Poulin will help participants learn about the most effective strategies to be a voice for arts education in the community, state, and nation. He will provide immediately applicable strategies as well as policy briefings to ensure participants gain the most up-to-date knowledge on the status of arts education in America.

Building Creative Leadership Teams

Webinar Instructor: James Wells

How can schools increase their creative capacities? In this session, participants will explore this question. They will hear about the current work Crayola is doing in schools to build creative leadership, advocate to school leaders about the importance of art education, and design relevant professional development for teachers. This session will inspire participants to examine ways that the goals for art education in Tennessee are related to and informing the landscape of art education across the country.