Arts Leadership & Admin.

Arts Leadership, Administration and Assessment

The goal of the Arts Leadership, Administration, and Assessment track (ALAA) is to inspire and equip participants to continue effective arts leadership within a variety of environments. Relevant topics include advocacy, leadership strategies, developing opportunities for students, professional development, effective use of social media, national and state policies, and the Tennessee Fine Arts Portfolio Growth Measures System.

Please check back regularly for updates and information about the 2017 Tennessee Arts Academy.


Daily Core Classes

Core Instructors: Dru Davison and Amanda Galbraith

Participants will engage in interactive sessions that connect contemporary arts research and trends to targeted arts initiatives at multiple levels within schools, districts, and beyond. Field experience opportunities will include visits to content sessions throughout the Academy to observe from the perspective of an arts leader. Webinars with state and national leaders will be part of the curriculum. The ALAA track is specifically designed to connect teachers, principals, supervisors, district personnel, and others who are interested in being arts education leaders.

Seminars and Webinars

All participants will engage in special seminars and interactive webinars throughout the week.

Transforming Lives through the Power of Diversity in the Arts

Seminar Instructor: Andre Dowell

In this session, Andre Dowell will lead participants in a bold conversation about the important role diversity plays in the arts, arts education, and arts leadership. Participants will learn strategies to cultivate positive changes within organizations. They will also talk about strategies for engaging others in meaningful conversations about the value of diversity and how it can impact the lives of students.

Achieving Common Goals through Collective Impact: Conversations around Equity, Access, and Quality Arts Education for All Learners

Webinar Instructor: Ayanna N. Hudson

As Tennessee strives to provide equitable access to high quality arts education, especially in areas with traditionally underserved students, it is important for the collective efforts of various stakeholders to align. In this webinar, Ayanna Hudson will talk about the role the National Endowment of the Arts plays in strengthening the creative capacity of communities. She will then lead dialogue intended to inspire arts leaders, administrators, and program leaders to collaborate with key stakeholders.

Who Moved My Standards? Joyful Teaching in an Age of Change

Webinar Instructor: Michael D. Toth

When everyone becomes engaged in creating innovative, new-economy classrooms, everyone grows. Michael D. Toth vividly captures this concept in Who Moved My Standards? Joyful Teaching in an Age of Change: A SOAR-ing Tale—a touching parable that encourages educators to tackle rigorous standards with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. Join Toth for an exclusive webinar to learn why he wrote this book and how the SOAR theme can keep everyone in any school that is actively focused on growth and learning.