Interludes provide all Academy participants with the opportunity to receive cross-disciplinary training. Multiple workshops in each content area are open to everyone. All participants are expected to attend one 45-minute interlude session each afternoon. The interludes occur from 2:30 to 3:15 p.m., Monday through Wednesday, and from 2:55 to 3:40 p.m. on Thursday.

Please check back regularly for updates and information about the 2019 Tennessee Arts Academy.


The Arts as a Reflection of Culture

Presenter: Anthony DeQuattro

(Monday and Wednesday)
For centuries people have expressed themselves through the arts. In this presentation, participants will examine the music, dance, theater, and visual art of some world cultures to gain a better understanding of the joys and struggles of communities around the globe.

Engaged Music Listening

Presenter: Brent Gault

Listening is the primary way we experience music. In this session, participants will explore ways to heighten the listening experience by creating active representations of musical ideas and making interdisciplinary connections with selected musical examples.

Why We Teach the Arts

Presenter: Timothy J. Holtan

What is each person’s driving motivation behind teaching the arts? Are connections truly being made with students, and what do those connections look like? In this interlude, Timothy Holtan will discuss these questions and more.

Community Folk Dance

Presenter: David Row

Swing your partner, right hand star, do-si-do, and promenade home! In this session, David Row will share some quick and easy strategies to get kids dancing and moving freely. Participants will explore several different folk dance favorites and discuss tips and tricks for creating successful lessons.


Sensory Playwriting

Presenter: Tamara Goldbogen

Join Tamara Goldbogen for a playwriting workshop that will explore enjoyable and effective ways to get students writing. Participants will dive into playwriting with all their senses engaged, and hands-on activities will inspire them to approach writing in new ways.

Dancing a Legacy

Presenter: Lynnette Young Overby

This workshop will provide teachers with the tools they need to lead a movement experience that focuses on a personal history: the legacy of women in the lives of their students. Working individually and in small groups, participants will use choreography to express a variety of character traits.