Trio Track

“Trio Track” includes both elementary/lower middle and upper middle/secondary level teachers, providing participants enrolled in this track a daily multidisciplinary experience in three distinct arts areas. Each day Trio Track participants will attend a pre-designated class in music, theatre, and visual art. Participants will attend the same core class in each content area for the entire week, allowing complete immersion in one topic for each arts discipline. Like all TAA participants, teachers enrolled in the Trio Track will attend all Academy performances, musings, interludes and special events. Space is limited and applicants are advised to register early for these sessions. Please check back regularly on the Tennessee Arts Academy website as additional information is added in upcoming months.

Please check back regularly for updates and information about the 2019 Tennessee Arts Academy.

Elementary/Lower Middle Trio Track

Every day, participants will attend each of the classes listed below.

Music: Trio Track
The Art of Possibility

Instructor: David Row

One of the most powerful teaching tools is the capacity to see potential and possibility in every lesson. In this workshop, participants will take well-known folk songs and look at them from all angles to explore the many ways they could be used to create lessons. The teachers who attend will walk away with songs, games, and lesson ideas that they can immediately put to use in their classrooms, as well as the skills and questions they can use to help them adapt other lessons to fit their needs.

Theatre/Arts Integration: Trio Track
(Grades K-3)
Arts Integration: Creative Learning Across the Curriculum

Instructor: Tamara Goldbogen

This workshop will offer practical techniques for integrating the arts across the curriculum. Through active participation in hands-on activities, teachers will explore strategies for integrating a variety of art forms, including visual art, puppetry, drama, and music, with other core content areas such as language arts and math. No arts experience is needed to enjoy and benefit from this class.

Theatre/Arts Integration: Trio Track
(Grades 4-6)
Activating Literacy Learning through Drama

Instructor: Bethany Corey-Ekin

Drama is a powerful tool for improving student literacy. Through demonstration and hands-on participatory training, this workshop will offer educators practical techniques for using drama in their classroom to develop literacy skills—including reading and narrative comprehension, character analysis, and creative writing.

Visual Art: Trio Track
Art and Math: A Marriage of Geometry and Proportion

Instructor: Cliff Tierney

These sessions will introduce ways of using geometry and mathematical principles in art classes to teach young students with ease. Each project will apply these principles in enjoyable and interactive applications.

Upper Middle/Secondary Trio Track

Every day, participants will attend each of the classes listed below.

Music: Trio Track
Rhythmic Development through Drumming and Dance

Instructor: Anthony DeQuattro

Rhythms are usually taught by counting and putting the foundation of the rhythm in the brain. But for a rhythm to be performed accurately, its foundation must be felt in the body. These sessions will provide a hands-on approach to understanding and expressing rhythms with the body. Using drumming and dancing traditions from Brazil, Cuba, and Ghana, Anthony DeQuattro will guide participants through many enjoyable techniques that are designed to teach rhythms through movement.

Theatre: Trio Track
Tripping Into Your Talent: Clowning For All

Instructor: Zachary Fine

In this engaging workshop, participants will join in a series of guided exercises that are designed to uncover what makes them uniquely funny, ridiculous, courageous, and sublime. Exercises will be geared toward fostering spontaneity and playfulness and widening the scope of each person’s imagination and creativity, while at the same time pursuing a structured understanding of how comedy works. The muscles of generosity and play that make a great clown are transferable to all forms of acting and performance.

Visual Art: Trio Track
Color Speaks

Instructor: Cliff Tierney

These sessions will introduce several intermediate practices that show how artists use color to explore and express different intellectual and emotional ideas. Each project will apply principles that will allow participants to use color to explore their innate self-expression and creativity.