Visual Art Sessions

The visual art component of the Academy explores art from the perspective of production, history, criticism, and aesthetics.  Instructors, whose work has influenced current educational practice and theory, come from around the country to provide stimulating and practical instruction. In addition to the visual art sessions, all participants attend performances, musings, special events and other activities.

Please check back regularly for updates and information about the 2018 Tennessee Arts Academy.

Elementary/Lower Middle School

Participants will attend each workshop listed below for two consecutive days and a summary workshop for both sessions on Friday morning.

Gambles Clay Adventures

Instructor: David and Tracy Gamble
In this session, participants will create clay masks, sushi plates, and an image transfer project. They will also explore brush making. Most projects will start with images and a demonstration and go from there. Participants will make use of sprig molds, textured rollers, texture molds, and the best possible tools: their hands. The focus of the workshop will be on constructing and decorating. Because of time constraints, all projects won’t be fired. However, David Gamble will share the basics and tips on loading, firing, and testing in electric kilns.

A Contemporary Focus

Instructor: Don Masse
This interactive workshop will give elementary and middle school art educators the opportunity to explore a wide variety of contemporary art-inspired lessons that can be used to foster student engagement and collaboration in the art room. Participants will work with chalk pastels, collage, colored pencils, digital art, paint, and printmaking materials. Emphasis will also be placed on how teachers can use the elements of choice and constraints in these lessons to encourage students to develop their creative voices. Digital plans that connect the workshop activities to the National Visual Arts Standards will be provided.

Upper Middle/Secondary Visual Art

Participants will attend each workshop listed below for two consecutive days and a summary workshop for both sessions on Friday morning.

Building Sculptural Character

Instructor: Kate Church
This hands-on workshop will offer art educators an opportunity to understand how to sculpt with polymer clay, cloth, and wire. This intro level class opens the door to using this low cost process as well as the basics of building a sculptural figure with these simple materials. Materials source lists and in-depth notes for creating lesson plans will be provided.

Impression Obsession, or Printmaking and the Question “What if …?”

Instructor: Victoria Englehart
This interactive workshop for middle and high school art educators offers an opportunity to explore printmaking strategies while asking the question “What if …?” Participants will work with pencil, colored pencil, ink, acrylic paint, precision craft knives, and printmaking materials. Techniques will be based on creating and making stamped compositions, weavings, overprints, frottages, stenciling, cards, and wall hangings. Lesson plans will be provided for each activity.